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Mariska du Preez - ACE and ICF ACC Certified Coach

Transition and Career Partner

Mariska partners with specialists and leaders to help them explore and discover their purpose, passions and ways to transition and create an aligned career.

Mariska is fascinated by the link between people’s career choices, purpose, and passion.


The Beginning

From a young age, she learned the value of bringing her passion into her daily life. 

She recalls fondly her father planting this seed: 

A peek into Mariska's world

Where I grew up:
On a farm close to Bronkhorstspruit,
South Africa

My favourite food:
Watermelon, especially on a hot
summers day.

What I like to do in my spare time:
I’m an explorer by heart.
This can lead me to exploring
new places, people and diverse
experiences or even just a good book.

My first job:
Working at a small pottery
painting shop while studying.

Something not a lot of
people know about me:

I dislike house work, but
enjoy a clean environment –
so I invest in gadgets such as
an automatic vacuum to help me
keep the house clean 😉

“Make sure that whatever job you decide to do, that you have a passion for it. You will succeed if you are passionate about it, even if it is to become a game ranger. If not, you will dread every day you go to work.”


She followed her passion for innovation and learning and embarked on an engineering career.

Spending time in the engineering field, Mariska excelled in innovative projects, worked with different stakeholders, and engaged in projects requiring endurance and long-term vision. 

These experiences honed her interpersonal skills.

She now partners with her clients exploring the best way for them to engage different stakeholders, at times with competing interests, clearly communicate, providing direction and being the leader they aspire to be.


Mariska discovered a deeper appreciation for the value of passion and purpose truly lived and expressed through all life’s areas, including one’s career. In addition, she developed an appreciation for the intricacies of moving from a specialist field into leadership. 

Helping individuals navigate these waters is close to her heart and a place where she excels.


Life Endeavours

Mariska loves animals and at an early age wanted to be a vet, but a passion for engineering won out.

Mariska complemented a Bachelor of Engineering with a recent Masters of Business Administration.

As a side project, while completing her MBA studies, she started attending coach training approved by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). The coaching bug bit and she now holds the following internationally accredited coaching certifications: ICF ACC, WBECS ACE Journey to Mastery.

Mariska still continues her journey for self-realisation with further studies in this and other fields.


Mariska partners with her clients by using her wealth of knowledge and experience, combined with a passion to rotate their own point of view, establish actionable plans, and providing accountability with a real sense of caring.

Through this journey with her clients, she brings her curiosity and passion for learning and innovation to the coaching conversations. She deeply connects with her clients to help them grow and create an outcome in line with their own values. 

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